Wastewater Treatment Plant​

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

The treatment of industrial wastewater is a complex physico chemical, biological process. Profound experience is essential to prevent troublesome operation and unnecessary investments. Dealing with wastewater is made even more difficult by no two wastewaters being fully the same, while characteristics fluctuate and components you might not even be aware are present, can interfere with wastewater treatment performance.

We make full use of our multi-decade, diversified experience conducting treatability study at our established R&D center to determine optimal configuration, dimensions and detailed equipment design. Experience and know-how ensure that no unexpected aspects can come into play during operation.

Our expertise covers the whole wastewater treatment field and includes all basic and advanced wastewater treatment concepts and technologies. Also, many specialized wastewater treatment technologies have been developed or improved by us to provide the clients with best-in-class solutions and equipment.

Paramount Limited is involved in design, installation, operation of integrated industrial effluent treatment plants.

Paramount undertakes Feasibility Studies, Treatability studies (bench top and pilot plant studies) for complex effluents and Adequacy/efficacy Studies in augmentation of existing ETP set up. We offer you a one-stop-shop for every thinkable wastewater requirement.

Our expertise includes treatment of wastewater containing all possible components like:

  • Solids/ liquid suspended particles/ matters
    o   Minerals and metals, clays, asbestos
    o   Hydrocarbons/ oil
    o   Biological matters like viruses, bacteria, other micro-organisms
  • Dissolved substances
    o   Inorganic cations/ anions, metals
    o   Organic substances like chlorinated hydrocarbons, organic halides, organic carbon and aromatic compounds
    o   Dissolved gasses

Paramount Limited designs and executes Wastewater Treatment plants encompassing the entire network from Source segregation to primary Treatment to Secondary Biological treatment to Tertiary Treatment and membrane based polishing systems. Paramount specializes in applying membrane systems to difficult to treat high COD wastewater.

The various Treatment schemes involved are as follow.

Whether you need just a reliable, cost effective end-of-pipe treatment or an extreme compact plant for offshore operations, you will get the best solution.

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