Recycle and Reuse

Recycle & Reuse

In the end of the 1980’s, together with increased environmental awareness within society and industry, “Zero liquid discharge” changed from a technical description of 100% wastewater recycling to a “goal”.

The principle of “zero liquid discharge” is recycling of all industrial wastewater. This means that wastewater will be treated and used again in the process. Because of the water reuse, wastewater will not be released into the sewer system or surface water.

Paramount adopts the utility of integrated membrane process schemes, comprising of (Ultrafiltration – UF / Microfiltration – MF / Nano Filtration / Reverse Osmosis RO) or a combination of either / all of them to optimize the removal of high dissolved solids (dissolved salts as in general terminology) and COD from treated water to produce utility water for reuse.

Paramount specializes in Design & Supply of Integrated Wastewater Treatment & Recycle Plants.

The appropriate configuration of various membranes is evaluated and selected for an application based on the inlet BOD/COD, dissolved solids and overall recovery required by the customer. A lot of time pilot trials are also conducted before arriving at the final conclusion.

Paramount’s Membrane System for Recycle of Wastewater is designed to handle BOD/COD loads from 500 ppm to 50,000 ppm without causing any fouling problems.

Paramount Limited offers further polishing units ( Demineralization Treatment Plant / RO membrane units followed by Mixed bed polisher) to produce process water for reuse.

Paramount also offers unique Reject management system using the waste heat in flue gas in a Waste Heat based Evaporation System and conventional Multiple effect evaporators followed by Crystallizers / Thin Film Dryer / other de-watering equipment to make a complete Zero Liquid Discharge system.

The appropriate model of Reject Management System is evaluated and selected for the application based on ground conditions of the installation process circuit.

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