Multiple Effect Evaporator System

Multiple Effect Evaporator System

Evaporator differs from crystallizers in which evaporation is concerned with concentrating a solution rather than producing or building crystals. Evaporation is distinguished from drying giving always liquid residue.

Paramount offer multiple effect evaporator as stand alone process unit and also for treatment of RO concentrates to achieve zero liquid discharge in Wastewater treatment plant.



Paramount designs and supplies a wide range of Evaporator such as single effect and multiple effects as per the needs of various process industries which are as follows:

  • Vertical Tube Evaporator
    o Falling Film
    o Rising Film
  • Forced Circulation Evaporator
  • Horizontal Tube Evaporator
  • Plate Type Evaporator
  • Natural Circulation Evaporator
  • Flash Evaporator

Paramount offers superior technology in the field of Multiple effect evaporator with specific thrust on Heat transfer, Vapor liquid separation & efficient utilization of energy.

The superior expertise of Paramount in Evaporation has following features:

• Pure Condensate recoveries
• Higher Salt recoveries
• Higher thermal efficiencies by employing minimum scope of steam
• Minimum Operating cost by using Mechanical Vapour Recompression (MVR) & Thermal Vapour Recompression (TVR)
• Optimum Thermal design using software like HTRI & Aspen

Paramount offers Application for Evaporator in following Industries:

• Chemical industries
• Pharmaceutical
• Biotechnology
• Food & Dairy
• Beverage industries
• Environmental applications

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