Air Pollution Control System

Aerosol Removal System

High Efficiency Air Filtration devices manufactured under the trademark HEAF are used to control emissions from sources where fabric filters cannot be used because they plug up with sticky or viscous particulate materials, where wet scrubber require excessive energy consumption because of extremely small size distribution of the particulate matter, or where electrostatic precipitators cannot be used, because the particulate matter fouls the collection plates and causes shorting between the electrodes.

HEAF devices are manufactured in four different types. These units are Mini HEAF, the Stationary Drum HEAF, the Flat Bed HEAF and the Rotary Drum HEAF.

The Mini HEAF is used for small air pollution sources and uses a manually changed cartridge filter for the capture of air pollutants. The stationary Drum HEAF is used only for a pressurized gas stream where a fully automatic operation is required. The Flat Bed HEAF uses roll type filters for moderate gas flows and fully automatic in operation. The Rotary Drum HEAF unit is a fully automatic filter used for individual emission control applications up to 210100 m3/hr (125000 acfm) in a single unit.

Paramount offered systems are well-suited to a broad range of industrial applications, including the plasticizer, asphalt saturator, and food processing industries. All of our systems boast extremely high removal efficiencies, often exceeding 99.99%, even for difficult-to-remove emission.

The typical areas of applications of the HEAF units are:

  • Asphalt Roofing Manufacture
  • Asphalt Pipe Coating
  • Plasticizer Emissions
  • Meat and Fish Smokehouses
  • Fiber Glass Curing Ovens
  • Core Bake Ovens
  • Polymeric Coating and Curing Ovens
  • Vegetable Oil Expellers and Extractors
  • Floor Tile Manufacturing
  • Scrap Metal Preheaters and Dryers
  • Tube and Wire Drawing Emissions
  • Plywood Veneer Dryers
  • Restaurant Broilers
  • Latex Dryers
  • Wire Coating and Curing
  • Electrode Manufacturing Emissions
  • Rubber Vulcanizing and Compounding
  • Pouring Foundries
  • Phenolic Resin Emissions
  • Sulphur Emissions
  • Organic Chemical Reactor Discharges
  • Nylon Extrusion Emissions
  • Heat Treating Smoke
  • Commercial Food Frying Operations
  • Adhesive Curing Ovens for Tape
  • Aluminium Foil Rolling
  • Coffee/Cocoa Bean Roasting Emissions
  • Peanut Roasting Emissions
  • Hardboard Tempering Ovens
  • Electroplating Aerosols
  • Mobile Asphalt Kettles and Tankers
  • Automobile Shredders
  • Drop Forge and Forge Press Emissions
  • Coal Gasification & Conversion
  • Mineral Wool Curing Ovens

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