Air Pollution Control System

Fine Particulate Matter Removal

Paramount designs high efficiency venturi scrubbers which are a cost-effective solution making them ideal for Fine Particulate Matter removal over a broad range of industrial and manufacturing applications. “Venturi” type scrubbers fall under the category of wet scrubbers for removal of solid particulate matter from gas streams.

Venturi scrubbers are employed where the solid sizes are fine wherein the regular cyclone separator becomes inefficient and use of bag filters call for frequent purging to maintain the differential pressure across the bag filter. Venturi type wet scrubbers can also effectively work with sub micron particulate less than 3microns.

The pressure drops across a venturi type wet scrubbers are normally higher than the conventional dry scrubbers like a cyclone separator or a bag filter. The pressure drop across the system is also a function of separation size of the solid particles. Finer the size for separation, higher is the pressure drop.

The scrubbed liquid with solid particles is normally dewatered to recover the liquid and re-circulated to the practical extent with some fresh air makeup.

If employed with flue gas wherein a scrubber is also present, a part of the scrubber recycle liquid can also be effectively utilized for the Venturi wet scrubber.

The Venturi scrubbers are offered in two models

  • Fixed throat used primarily for particulate removal, recommended for exhaust streams containing particles with a defined size distribution and can achieve moderate gas absorption for soluble/reactive gasses
  • Adjustable/ variable throat ideal for applications with variable exhaust volumes with Adjustable throat size and pressure drop

Fixed throat venturi scrubber is employed in systems wherein the flue gas flow rate is constant and having minimal variations. The constant flow rate enables to maintain a consistent velocity across the venture throat for effective removal of the solid particle. In units wherein the constant flow rate cannot be maintained and the client prefers a fixed throat venture, an adaptable system with clean flue gas recirculation arrangement is also provided to maintain a constant flow and hence a constant velocity across the venturi. Under very low flow conditions, the flow rate in such case will have to be enhanced by bleeding in fresh air to the system.

Variable throat venturi scrubber is employed in systems wherein the flue gas flow rate is variable and the system requires operation in turn down condition for longer durations. The constant velocity across the venture is maintained with the help of a variable throat plummer to vary the cross sectional area across the throat and hence velocity. The plummer is adjusted with the help of a pneumatic cylinder arrangement and controlled by the differential pressure across the venture.

The material of construction of the Venturi wet scrubbers depends on the solids characteristics and the flue gas condition. It is normally of Stainless steel construction. The variable throat can also be provided in Titanium or Hastelloy materials.

Industrial units are made for capacities up to 425000 m3/hr (250000 acfm).

Typical applications of High Efficiency Venturi scrubbers for Fine particulate removal are:

  • Lime Kilns
  • Bark and Hog Fuelled Boilers
  • Coal Fired Boilers
  • Oil Fired Boilers
  • Cupolas
  • Calciners and Kilns
  • Paper Plant Recovery Boiler
  • Electric Furnace Emissions
  • Coal Dryers
  • Scrap Incinerators
  • Liquid Waste Incinerators
  • Sewage Sludge Incinerators
  • Coke Ovens
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Municipal Incinerators
  • Sintering Plants
  • Cement Kilns
  • Pathogenic Incinerators

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