Wastewater Treatment Plant​

Domestic / Municipal Sewage Treatment

With burgeoning growth in population and the rapid strides made by industries to enhance capacities or setting up new units brings in a new chain of effluent – domestic sewage/ municipal sewage water.

Paramount Limited has a long experience in the treatment of domestic sewage water. Paramount Limited has experience in design and installation of large units in treating Municipal sewage water for towns, townships and cities and in the Operation and maintenance of the same.

For meeting the demands of treating domestic sewage from industries, unique package units that are compact and easy to maintain units are fabricated/constructed based on the flow rate conditions.

Treatment of domestic sewage has been the forerunner to all wastewater treatment units and has a long history in treatment steps that had been a bench mark in the treatment steps of various other effluents.

The original treatment process is the Conventional treatment of sewage water primarily consisting of pre-treatment step to remove grits and large solids, activated sludge process followed by clarification and disinfecting.

With technology development, membrane based activated sludge process has also developed with the main aim to re-use treated sewage water. Paramount provides Disinfection with chlorination / ozonation / UV treatment or its combination as a post treatment scheme of Treated sewage water when water is to be reused.

Municipal units have also adopted the anaerobic treatment to generate synthesis bio gas as a pre step to aerobic treatment. The synthesis biogas is then cleaned prior to use in power generation.

Paramount Limited is involved in the design, installation and operation of all the types of processes.

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