Operation & Maintenance (O&M)

Paramount extends the following Plant support services.

• Operation-Maintenance
• Plant operation and Optimization

Operation and Maintenance:

Paramount Limited has a team of highly experienced and skilled engineers and technicians in assisting and also independently works on Operation and Maintenance of Water and wastewater treatment plants, air pollution control systems and chemical industries.

The experience has been amassed with the five decade presence in the industry as EPC contractor and in the commissioning of more than 250 projects till date.

Paramount Limited also provides services in the commissioning of plants built by others.

Plant Operation and Optimization:

Paramount Limited offers services on plant operation, optimization and trouble shooting.

A systematic approach to studying the plant equipment and its operation pattern with adequate laboratory analysis on various operating parameters are studied. A team of qualified personnel is involved in the assessment of the plant operation.

Assessing what the plant is capable of achieving and then optimizing the system to maintain consistent operating parameters, whether that is limits imposed on BOD, COD, suspended solids or ammonia etc.

Optimization of operational steps, study the functionality of dosing chemicals and realize an optimized pattern for dosages to cut operational costs are also undertaken.

“Paramount” also provides Plant Operation support in water and wastewater treatment plants. The services are specific to previously commissioned and operating plants.

Support can be in the form of a regular on-site service with support staff having access to laboratory equipment capable of assessing:

• COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand)
• BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand)
• Ammonia
• Suspended Solids
• Oil and grease
• Nitrate
• Nitrite
• Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
• pH
• S-2
• Total-P
Methane, CO2, Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) and Oxygen as a % or ppm.

The above list is only part of our laboratory capability. If parameters outside those mentioned are required please do not hesitate to contact us.

Often operators do not require such an extensive service but are more comfortable having access to operational support from a distance.

Paramount Limited will often combine onsite support with off-site data assessment, providing advice from our offices to ensure plant operation is maintained.

“Paramount” also conducts Oxygen Transfer Efficiency (OTE) tests to allow plant owners to assess the long term running costs of their aeration systems, and confirm that they have the capacity to meet peak oxygen demands.

Tests can be conducted on a wide range of aeration devices including fine bubble diffused aeration systems, coarse bubble aeration systems, surface aerators, jet aeration systems and venturi style aeration systems.

The test procedure involves measuring dissolved oxygen from near zero to saturation against time, and nonlinear regression is used to determine the mass transfer coefficient. To achieve near zero dissolved oxygen concentration, the test water is deoxygenated using either nitrogen gas or sodium sulphite, dependent on aeration system type and the practicality of a particular method. The power consumption of the aeration devices is monitored using power monitoring equipment suitable for systems equipped with variable speed drives. It is common to test aeration systems at several duty points to determine the efficiency over the whole operational range of a particular system.

The data provided by these tests includes SOTR (Standard Oxygen Transfer Rate measured in kgO2/hr), SOTE (Standard Oxygen Transfer Efficiency measured as a percentage of the air put into the system) and SAE (Standard Aeration Efficiency measured in kgO2/kWh).

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