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Paramount Limited in the process of designing and executing a number of projects for hydrocarbons, chemicals, fertilizers, water and wastewater treatment and air pollution control systems in a wide spectrum of industries over the last five decades have amassed a wealth of knowledge. With the use of the wide knowledge gained through actual experiences, integration of technologies and use of design software skills, Paramount Limited develops and executes design and engineering for a multitude of industries in setting up of process plants/ OEM integrated engineering, wherein cross functional engineering functionality (such as process, civil, mechanical, piping, electrical, instrumentation and project management) is a core competency requirement.

Our vast past experience of EPC projects on turnkey basis allows us to drive the design process so that the project meets its schedule and also maintaining the delicate balance to use all techniques for controlling design and construction budgets.

Paramount Limited also stands up to the challenges in an environment wherein there is a limited availability of broad spectrum engineering consultants who can work right from the process development to delivery and installation capabilities.

Paramount’s strength lie in providing tailored solutions and service to deliver specific design requirements that will optimize the cost of engineering and accommodate constraints apart from achieving the project goal. The goals are met through,

• Careful study and alignment of engineering concepts into constructable designs, efficiently and cost-effectively.

• Engineering is a systematic progression – from process design and selection of mechanical equipment to sizing of control equipment, the definition of electrical supply requirements and eventually, civil and structural design.

• It is essential that each stage is sufficiently detailed for a seamless flow of information on to the next engineering level and discipline.

• As a multi-disciplinary organization, we have a strong interface management with inter and intra disciplinary activities that can accommodate constraints and are apt with respect to constructability

Our Engineering services include,

• Front End Engineering Development and Basic Engineering packages

• Detail Engineering packages

• Procurement Assistance

We offer complete FEED capabilities. This ensures that our clients receive a comprehensive analysis of the various technical issues associated with their project and set the project up for success. We understand the importance of FEED phase in the initial stages of a project and we work closely with our clients to ensure it reflects their needs and intentions for the duration of the project, also and specifies any requirements on their behalf

Paramount offers FEED packages in the following Technology areas:

• LPG Recovery System

• Ammonia Recovery System

• Solvent Recovery System

• Water Re-injection plant (EOR Systems)

• De-hazing and moisture control

• Group Gathering Stations

• Hazardous solid and liquid waste incinerators

• Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD)

• Industrial Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant

• DM Water Treatment Plant

• Condensate Polishing Unit

• Membrane Technologies

• Sewage Treatment Plant

• Gas Scrubbing System

• Venturi Scrubbing System (Fixed & Variable Throat)

Paramount also offers exclusive Detail Engineering Services for all process industries where the FEED is made available.

The Detail engineering packages are designed to adapt any international engineering standards including Shell DEP standards.

Paramount operates on the principles of strict adherence to standards with innovative solutions to complex engineering problems. A team of dedicated engineers in all disciplines works in a healthy environment to provide the clients with the required design and engineering solutions

Process engineering:

It includes Process Flow Diagrams (PFD), Process and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID), FEED engineering and preparation of manuals.

Paramount’s Process Engineering services include:

• Development of process schemes for FEED packages offered
• Heat and material balance calculations
• Design and sizing of process equipment
• Validation of unit sizes proposed in FEED documents of PMCs
• Development of Process Flow Diagrams (PFD/ PFS)
• Development of Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID/ PEFS)
• Material Selection
• Development of data sheets for equipment and instruments
• Hydraulic Rising, gravity and hydraulic flow diagram
• Development of Process Control philosophy
• Development of Process Safeguarding schemes (PSFS) and Safeguarding Memorandum
• Development of Operation Manual
• Utility and Chemical Summary
• Safety and Hazards and Operability (HAZOP) reviews
• Process de-bottlenecking and optimizaton

Plant engineering:

It includes development of detail plant layouts, civil and structural general arrangement (GA) drawings, infrastructural engineering like roads, pavements, surface and underground drainage network, the layout of buildings and its accessories and as-built documentation.

Paramount’s Plant Engineering services include:

• Preparation of conceptual layout
• Development of detailed plant layout
• Development of civil and structural equipment general arrangement and layout
• Development and hydraulics of surface drainage, effluent source routing and underground drain network to treatment facilities
• Preparation of drainage network hydraulic flow diagram
• Preparation of underground foundation projection layout and 3D layout projections
• Development and preparation of process and utility building layouts and general arrangement (GA) drawings
• Development and preparation of roads, pavements and service area layouts, general and detail arrangement drawings
• Development of Fire water network for plant, cable cellars and Buildings
• Interface of plant layout with piping and cable layouts, field panel distribution and placement
• Safety and Hazards and Operability (HAZOP) reviews
• Site construction support services

Our Plant Design Toolset includes AutoCad, Microstation, PDS.

Mechanical engineering:

It includes preparation of mechanical data sheets, specifications and detailing, fabrication and shop drawings, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), vendor document approval and as-built documentation.

Paramount’s Mechanical Engineering (Static and rotating) services include:

• Mechanical equipment specifications and data sheets (Static and rotating equipment, package items)
4:16 PM 01/09/2021• Mechanical equipment design & detailing
• Static Equipment
• Design calculations of static equipment, general arrangement (GA) drawing and fabrication drawings for items such as vessels and tanks, reactors and heat exchangers, columns and gas scrubbers, Strippers, Quench towers, vents and stacks
• Material Take off
• Rotating Equipment
• Design of rotating equipment, general arrangement (GA) drawing and fabrication drawings for items such as agitators and mixers, mechanisms for clarifiers and thickeners, rotary drum and belt filters, Lime slaker classifiers etc
• Design of Paramount manufactured equipment/ Systems
• Designs in line with National and Internal codes of practice (Indian Standards IS/ ASME/ API/ TEMA/ BS etc)
• Heat exchanger design and setting plans
• Finite element analysis
• Preparation of technical specifications for procurement of equipment
• Lubricant list and schedules
• Noise data sheets
• Design of HVAC systems – Heat load estimation, system design, ducting calculation and routing
• Construction and installation support

Our Mechanical discipline toolset includes AutoCad, Microstation, PVElite, STAAD, HTRI and a number of internally developed equipment design programs

Piping engineering:

It includes the preparation of layouts and General Arrangement (GA) drawings, piping design, arrangement, spool generation, isometric drawings and bill of materials, vendor document approval, drafting and 3D modeling, and as-built documentation.

Paramount’s Piping Engineering services include:

• Plant layout services
• General arrangement (GA) drawings for pump and equipment skids
• 2D and 3D equipment and piping modeling
• Static and dynamic piping stress analysis
• Complete piping material management services, including pipe material specification, valve material specifications
• Preparation of stage wise Piping Material Take off
• Procurement of piping materials and specialty items
• Skid mounting piping arrangement for equipment/ systems
• Site construction support services

Our Piping discipline Toolset includes AutoCad, Caesar II, PDS, PDMS, SmartPlant Review

Electrical engineering:

It includes the preparation of single line diagrams, layouts, electrical equipment specifications, bill of quantities, cable sizing, hazardous area classification, drafting and 3D modeling.

Paramount’s Electrical Engineering services include:

• Electrical load data and analysis including fault level calculation, voltage drop calculation etc.
• Design of Electrical system architecture including Substation layouts, cable cellar development, Transformer bays etc
• Electrical equipment specification and data sheets
• Energy management
• Single line diagrams for HT/ LT switchboards and Key single line diagrams
• Motor control center and substation design
• Power distribution system design including Transformer sizing
• Hazardous area classification layout
• Cable and tray routing, sizing, scheduling
• Sizing calculations – Switch gears and boards, lighting system, earthing system, transformers, UPS and battery charger
• Lighting design and local panel layout
• Protective relay coordination
• Grounding and lightning protection design
• Cable cutting schedule
• Interconnection diagrams
• UPS design and calculations
• 3D design of electrical components
• Material take off – Cables, lighting, earthing, accessories and electrical related bulk material (like cable lugs, glands, stantions etc)
• Procurement services for all types of electrical equipment
• Site construction support services

Our Electrical discipline Toolset includes AutoCad, C.G. Lux, Dialux, ETAP, Microstation, PDS, PDMS, SmartPlant Electrical and SmartPlant3D.

Instrumentation and Control engineering:

It includes the preparation of I/O schedules, logic diagrams, layouts, instrument specification, instrument hookup diagrams, bill of quantities, drafting and 3D modeling.

Paramount’s Instrumentation and Control Engineering services include:

• Instrument selection basis and Instrument Index
• Instrument Data sheet
• Instrument design and specification including Foundation field bus requirements
• Control valve, safety valve sizing and selection and preparation of Control valve and Safety valve Registry
• Instrument air consumption, summary and distribution diagram
• Instrument hook up diagrams
• Cable and tray routing, sizing, scheduling
• Plant communication system design
• Analyzer design philosophy and design of sampling fast loop network
• Complete control system design philosophy and architecture including Control room layouts
• Distributed Control System (DCS), Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) design and specification
• Logic and loop diagrams
• PLC/ DCS arrangement and graphics architecture
• Control Interface diagrams
• 3D Design of instrumentation and control components
• Procurement services for all types of Instrumentation and Control equipment
• Site construction support services

Our Instrumentation and Controls discipline Toolset includes AutoCad, Microstation, PDS, PDMS, SmartPlant Instrumentation, and SmartPlant3D

Civil and Structural engineering:

It includes the preparation of technical specifications, architectural, RCC, steel structural analysis, design and drawings, bar bending schedules, structural steel fabrication drawings, bill of quantities and 3D modeling.

Paramount’s Civil and Structural Engineering services include:

• Site grading plan and soil distribution (Cut and fill design)
• Foundation plan including piling design, calculation and RCC drawings for piles, equipment, sumps, pits, water retaining structures and buildings
• Design and detailing of Pre-stressed water retaining structures
• Technological structure design and General arrangement drawings including Structural steel connection design and detailing services
• Building – Architectural detailing and General arrangement drawing
• Sheds and Shades – Design and arrangement drawings
• Platforms and stair ways – Design and drawing with Bill of material
• Support detailing for pipes, panels and cable ways
• Design and construction detailing of road, pathways, pavement and parking bay
• Bill of Material for RCC and Steel structural
• Bar bending schedule

Our Civil and Structural discipline toolset includes STAAD Pro, STAAD Foundation, RAM Concept, Auto Cad, Microstation and a number of internally developed structural and foundation design programs

Procurement Assistance:

It includes preparation of Material Requisitions, Technical Bid Evaluations and Vendor Recommendation, Vendor documentation review and approval.

Paramount’s Procurement services include:

• Preparation of Material Requisitions
• Vendor sourcing and prequalification
• Technical and commercial bid evaluations and recommendation
• Technical discussions with Vendors for finalization of Technical suitability of evaluated vendor
• Preparation of Technical Purchase Requisition and Purchase order placement
• Vendor document review and approval
• Receipt and integration of vendor design information with detail engineering
• Meeting with Vendors and clients for expediting document approval
• QAP approval, quality control and manufacturing clearance
• Expediting Inspection call
• Inspection at Vendor’s premise
• Inspection and dispatch clearance
• As-built documentation follow up with vendors

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