Paramount provides a complete range of engineering services and project execution for water resource planning, development and management. From strategic plans to full implementation programs for groundwater and surface water; for municipal or industrial use; water treatment plants to pipelines and distribution systems – simply put, when it comes to water, We Provide total Services.

All industrial units operate on a sustainable water source system either for full utility purpose or augmenting of treated water reused from time to time. This calls for a controlled water chain system starting from sourcing treatable water, transmission and supply distribution network prior to treatment for further process use.

Paramount Limited has hands on experience in design and executing the complete gamut of the water chain indicated as above.

Execution of such jobs involves sourcing raw water as the first step of the overall chain. The water sourcing can be tapping ground water, intake of surface water from rivers and lakes or tapping sub surface flowing water from rivers and lakes using feed wells bored into the sub surface.

The next step involves the crucial development of the distribution network. The water distribution is largely dependent on topography and the local regulation. Paramount optimizes the use of mixing gravity piping and pressure piping for best results.

The sustainability of water distribution systems from a source over time requires that the pumping solution is durable, ensuring cost effective and trouble-free operation. Pumping (Transmission) of the sourced water is the next biggest challenge and involves proper selection of cost effective and optimized pumping arrangement. Paramount optimizes the operation by utilizing control and monitoring systems for developing both efficient and reliable solutions.

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PARAMOUNT LIMITED has over 50 years of experience and is Technology based EPC (Engineering, Procurement,Construction) Company in the field of Process, Water & Environmental Engineering.

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