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paramount offers odour control systems using the principles of absorption, adsorption and chemical treatment, using either or a combination of the principles to achieve or accomplish odour reduction.

I found the "FEEL2NICE" brand trademarked by a company called Shenzhen Senmaite Technology Co. Ltd., which is based in China. The company has four additional brands trademarked in the United States selling products on Amazon. Saoud Khalifah runs the review analysis website Fakespot. The site uses a data set of over 4 billion reviews and textual analysis to try to identify suspicious reviews. To use Fakespot, you paste the URL of a product page into a box on the site's homepage, and hit "Analyze Reviews." Depending on how many potentially deceptive reviews Fakespot discovers, the site assigns the item a letter grade from A to F, adjusts the Amazon rating to what Fakespot thinks it should be, and provides an overview of what reviewers said and Fakespot's conclusions.

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