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When all the bet positions have a card, a card will be delivered to the Dealer position. INSURANCE An Insurance feature is also available.

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comprise of maximum number of so2 scrubbers world wide based on this technology with over 500 installations
horizontal configuration ensures ease of operation & maintenance due to reduced heights
gas comes in contact with fresh scrubbing liquid at every stage (unlike other counter-current scrubber) which increase
ability to handle high surges of so2 concentration with less effect on outlet so levels due to operation in concentrated 2 mode
can be designed to achieve even 1 ppm so2 at outlet for so2 recovery units

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power plants
sulphuric acid plants
utility boilers cogeneration plants
diesel generators zinc /lead/copper smelters
oil fired industrial boilers molybdenum ore roasters
oil fired incinerators barium sulphate reduction kilns
acid gas incinerators strontium sulphate reduction kilns
chemical plants co2 recovery plants
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