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C. Water Analysis:

The laboratory in Paramount’s R&D facility is equipped with all latest effluent characterization equipment and a fine Instrument laboratory to conduct elemental analysis also.

Paramount Ltd. offers a routine analytical service for the analysis of wastewater samples. The laboratory also accepts samples for analysis of the effluent characteristics.

The basic analysis that is undertaken is as below.

Carbonates (as CO3)
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Chlorides (as Cl)
Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) (3 Days at 27 0C) Conductivity (u mho/ cm)
Oil and grease Hexavalent Chromium
Total Suspended Solids (TSS) MLSS / MLVSS / SVI
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Dissolve Oxygen (DO) (as O2)
Total Solids (TS) Percent Sodium
Turbidity (NTU) Phosphate (Ortho) (as P)
Permanent Hardness Silica (reactive) (as SiO2)
Temporary Hardness Sodium Absorption Ratio (SAR)
Total Hardness (as CaCO3) Sulphate (as SO4)
Ammonical Nitrogen (NH3-N) Sulphide (as S)
Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN) Total Iron (as Fe)
Nitrate Nitrogen (NO3-N) Total Phosphate (as P)
Nitrite Nitrogen (NO2-N) Total Volatile Solids
Color Residual Chlorine (Cl2)
Acidity (P or MO) Cadmium
Alkalinity (P or MO) Chromium (Total)
Calcium (Ca) Copper
Magnesium (as Mg) Lead
Fluoride (as F) Nickel
Dissolved Iron (as Fe) Zinc
Phenol Potassium (as K)
Bicarbonates (as HCO3) Sodium (as Na)

If parameters outside those mentioned above are required, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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