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Paramount Limited provides a solution to control of gaseous VOC emissions from these treatment units. Our product ensures a reduction in VOC emission by more than 90% of the emissions at the discharge of the plant.

Paramount Limited uses the technology of adsorption principle with activated carbon as adsorbents. The technology adopted by us utilizes the three proven design of Andersen 2000 Inc. U.S.A.

Paramount’s system consists of vent take of points from the units with gaseous hydrocarbon laden air drawn through balanced headers to the Adsorbers. The vent volumes and the vent sizes are calculated based on the salient features of the effluent handled in the equipment.

One frequently observed malady in most of the Adsorber plants is the fire in the media and failure of the mitigating units. Adsorption of certain specific hydrocarbon in activated carbon is an exothermic reaction and may gradually increase the bed temperatures and lead to the fire.

Paramount utilizes a forced draft arrangement for the Adsorbers with continuous monitoring of the bed temperatures with monitors placed at strategic and calculated locations. A steam purging arrangement linked with the temperature monitors dislocate the hydrocarbon from the activated carbon and mitigates the further increase in the bed temperature that could otherwise result due to the increase in hydrocarbon with the media. This unique arrangement helps in reducing down time and failure of the vent arrangement in the case of fire hazards.

Other safety features include provision of flame arresters at specific locations that can help in the prevention of the spread of the fire.

For low gas volumes, top mounted compact adsorbers are also designed and supplied by us.

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