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Ultrapure water is used in Pharmaceutical industry, Semiconductor industry, Power industry, Solar power generation, electronics, medical, research and dialysis applications to name a few.

Ultrapure water systems are used to reduce or eliminate dissolved and suspended solids, biological organisms, dissolved gasses and organic carbon. This is critical in complying with required standards for different commercial and industrial applications.

Ultrapure water treatment uses appropriate processes for removing organic compounds in water, dissolved and suspended solids, organic carbon, dissolved gasses and biological organisms (e.g., bacteria, viruses, pyrogens).

Paramount Limited designs and integrates the various process steps depending on the ultra pure water requirements for the specific applications.

Paramount integrates the following processes depending on the raw water quality and the ultrapure water quality requirement based on the specific industry utility:

Multigrade filtration for removal of suspended solids
Membrane based filtration units (ultrafiltration/ microfiltration/ nanofiltration) for reduction of suspended solids, colloidal particles, and control of virus and bacteria
Softeners for reduction of hardness
Suitable chemical dosing arrangements to achieve disinfection of water, reduction of residual Chlorine, reduction of sparingly soluble salts etc
Ultraviolet system for reduction of TOC
Ultraviolet disinfection system
Reverse Osmosis treatment
Electro de-ionization as polishing system
Mixed bed resin treatment


The salient features of Paramount integrated Ultrapure water treatment systems ensures,

Clean operation
Minimum possible effluent generation
Minimization of chemical handling and use
Excellent capacity of microbial reduction
Continuous operation
Ease of validation
Compliance with FDA requirement


Paramount provides optimal and safe Ultra pure water storage and distribution system.

The prime necessity of Ultra pure storage & distribution system is to distribute the water to all user points in the plant without deterioration in the quality of Ultra pure water received from Generation system.

Following factors are considered in our design of Storage & Distribution system:

Capacity of Ultra pure water generation system
Peak load of the user points
Return line minimum velocity required
Elevation of the system and user points
Pressure requirement at user points
To maintain 1 Kg/Cm2 pressure in return line
No. of User points
Line size


The salient features of the Paramount design and supplied Ultrapure water Storage and distribution system are:

High quality Tubes used for piping
Carefully designed and sized Pumps for reliable and trouble free operation
Storage tank is facilitated with Hot water sanitization jacketing
Hydrophobic Vent Filter cartridge with heat traced vent filter housing
Conductivity Transmitter is provided with dump valve
No, or minimum possible dead legs
Use of Zero Dead leg valves in place of Y loop with simple diaphragm valve
Fully automated system PLC Panel with multi colour MMI for smooth operation and accurate record and with minimal or no human interference
Multiple levels pass word (up to three levels) protection in all system settings provide a tamper proof setting
All connections are Triclover end to avoid threaded connections


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