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Paramount offered lamella type DAF units are called Tilted plate flotator (TPF). The TPF offered by Paramount Limited is the technology absorbed from M/s PWT, Netherland.

Tilted Plate Flotator units are widely used for removal of emulsified oil, suspended solids etc., present in wastewater.

As corrugated plate packs are predominantly used, the tilted plate pack type flotators are also known as Corrugated plate flotators or simply as CPF separators. However, a TPF (Tilted plate flotator) may use a corrugated type plate pack or simply plain parallel plate packs. Hence, TPF or Lamella clarifier is a generic terminology used in such type of separators.

Effluent should be properly flocculated before it is fed to Tilted Plate Flotator. For this purpose more often a Pipe Flocculator is included prior to the TPF/ CPF unit. Coagulant (Alum) and flocculant (polyelectrolyte) solution are dosed for floc formation before the effluent feed to the TPF unit.

The flocculated effluent flow receives air-saturated water (re-circulating treated water) originating from the outlet side of the Tilted/ Corrugated Plate Flotator.

The recycle stream has air dissolved in it. The pressure is then released, resulting in the generation of minute diameter (micro) bubbles. These micro-sized air bubbles attach themselves to the flocs formed in the flocculates so that rising conglomerates build up.

The recirculation system consists of suction & discharge piping for recirculation pump, recirculation pump and deaerator (saturation vessel) or air water mix pump.

The conglomerates are subsequently separated in the Tilted/ Corrugated Plate Flotator system. Here, flocs are separated in the corrugated plate pack which is installed at an inclination to create a maximum surface area for separation in a minimum volume. Flow through these plate packs is maintained as laminar thus creating ideal separation condition. The separated conglomerates collect in the corrugated plate crests and subsequently flow upwards in the pack in counter-current, eventually forming a compact floating layer on the liquid surface.

The floating layer of the Tilted/ Corrugated Plate Flotator units is continuously compacted and skimmed by a patented scrapper. The treated water leaves the plate pack at the bottom end, rises and is then discharged over an adjustable weir. Accumulated solids, having settled are periodically removed by a hand operated butterfly valve.

A screw augur mechanism is installed at the bottom of the larger TPF/ CPF units in the longitudinal sludge pocket. The screw augur helps in periodic de-sludging operations.

TPF/ CPFs can be supplied in modules of up to six plate pack per basin in steel structural basin. Larger units can also be adapted in RCC structures.

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