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Submicron Particulate Matter Removal System


Paramount offers unique solutions with a complete line of submicron aerosol removal systems to remove from traditional aerosol and mist elimination applications to the removal of difficult-to-control sticky, oily, or soluble aerosol emissions.

The Cleanable High Efficiency Filtration device manufactured under the trade mark of CHEAF is a wet collector system which uses either a polymeric, metallic or glass fiber filtration mat to remove submicron particulate matter from the exhaust gas streams. For many applications, the CHEAF unit offers substantially reduced energy consumption over that required for a venturi scrubber on the same application. The CHEAF can be used on most particulate matter which is not sticky or viscous and which does not deposit scale on the fiber mat.

The two different types of CHEAF are the fully cleanable type and the renewable media type. Fully cleanable CHEAF units can be used

On dust emissions in the mineral and mining industries,
On inorganic chemicals, dryers and calciners,
On prill tower emissions in the manufacture of ammonium nitrate and urea.
For spray dryer emissions in the food products and flavouring industries and
The perfume manufacturing industries.


Where acidic emissions are encountered, the renewable media CHEAF unit is used. These industries include

Container glass and plate glass manufacturing
Furnace grade phosphorous manufacturing
Galvanizing emissions and several others


Single units of CHEAF can be built to handle gas flows up to 680000 m3/hr (400000 acfm).

The typical areas of applications of the CHEAF units are:

Sulphuric Acid Mists Soda Ash Calciners
Phosphoric Acid Mists Soda and Borosilicate Glass Furnaces
Hydrochloric Acid Mists
Vacuum Pump Discharges
Nitric Acid Mists
Galvanizing Emissions
Detergent Manufacturing
Potassium Chloride Dryers
Food and Flavouring Spray Dryers Molten Salt Baths
Ammonium Nitrate Prilling & Pelletizing Electroplating Bath Emissions
Compressed Air Filtration Phosphorus Furnace Emissions
Urea Prilling and Pelletizing Process Gas Filtration

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