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Strippers are used to remove dissolved gasses like Sulphide and ammonia in wastewater and hydrocarbon/ solvent contaminated in wastewater.

Air strippers are packed bed or sieve tray towers with air used as a medium for stripping the dissolved gas stream.

Steam stripping for wastewater purification is a distillation process where light volatile organics/ sour water (H2O and NH3) are removed from water (a heavier component). The volatile organics/ ammonia present in the feed stream to these types of columns are usually in low concentrations in comparison to the water phase.

Steam stripping takes place at high temperatures that are usually very close to the boiling point of water.

The removal of volatile organics is a strong function of temperature. Steam stripping allows for the removal of heavy soluble organics that other stripping techniques will not remove (Air, etc).

Paramount Limited designs and installs Air Strippers and Steam strippers.



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