Paramount Limited

Specialized Wastewater Treatment


Wastewater from Industrial effluents contains certain contaminants that require a separate treatment prior to mixing with effluent for primary treatment. Many cases also involve certain specialized systems that call for an independent treatment plant.

The following effluent types call for separate treatment.

Spent caustic effluent
Dissolved ammonia
Dissolved Hydrogen Sulphide
Solvents in effluent water

Paramount Limited offers complete designs for treatment of these contentious effluent streams. The technologies offered are as below.

Wet air Oxidation process for treatment of spent caustic effluent from Refinery and petrochemical complex
Air Strippers combined with Wet scrubbers (packed bed type) for treatment of effluent with high Sulphides
Steam strippers with re-boilers for solvent/ hydrocarbon (VOC) recovery from effluent contaminated with Solvents


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