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Side Stream filtration is a term used generally for cooling tower filtration systems. where, a percentage of water is withdrawn from the cooling tower sump / circulating water pipe, filtered and put back into the sump. Generally, the side stream filters are designed to filter 3% to 5% volume of circulating water per hour on a continuous basis. or to provide a system volume turnover of 12 to 16 hour.

The circulating water picks up airborne debris & other solid contaminants in the process of recirculation, due to process leakages internal system corrosion etc. which are mainly suspended solids. In a closed loop system, the concentration increases necessitating frequent blowdown.

With the introduction of a side stream filters the frequency of blow down can be reduced.

The side stream filters can be designed as Auto Valve less Gravity Filters (AVGF) or as Pressure Sand Filters (PSF).

Typically in a power station cooling tower the suspended solids are reduced from 50 to 60 ppm to 5 ppm.

Paramount Limited supplies side stream filters of any capacity, tailor made, to the customer requirement on a turnkey basis with design supply erection & commissioning.

The side stream filters are designed in vertical or horizontal construction depending upon the capacity, for the convenience of transportation.

The largest filters we have so far done is for 400 cum/hr capacity each, horizontal filters with a diameter of 3.0 m & length of 11.2 m & the total system flow of 1600 cum/hr with four filters, with outlet solid concentration of 5 ppm.

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