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Raw water is primarily sourced from water bodies like rivers, lakes, ponds or from subsurface water reservoirs like river beds and artisan wells. Flowing or collected rain water form these water bodies.

Raw water forms the main source of water for industries like power plant, refineries, paper mills etc. Raw water is then treated to be used as process water, cooling water, de-mineralized water and potable water to satisfy demands of the various processing units.

Raw water sourced from rivers form the major source compared to the other water bodies indicated above. Suspended solids form the major contaminant in the raw water and it varies extensively between wet weather and dry weather conditions. Hence, raw water treatment is basically provided to reduce the suspended solids in the inlet water.


Raw water treatment units are predominantly sized for high volumetric flow rates and the units are hence large RCC constructions.

Raw water is normally stored in large ponds in the plant area prior to pumping to a treatment plant.

Alum or another flocculating aid (poly electrolyte) is mixed with water in a flocculation chamber prior to feeding into units that remove suspended solids.

By conventional methods, Suspended solids are removed either by treatment in a Primary Clarifier/ Clariflocculator / High rate Solid Contact Clarifier/ Lamella Clarifier/ Tube settler / Filter House / Tilted Plate Separator prior to final filtration process like gravity / pressure filters.

Paramount provides Disinfection with chlorination/ ozonation/ UV treatment or its combination as a post treatment scheme of Treated Raw water when water is to be used by municipal/ community for Potable purposes.

Paramount also provides contemporary Raw water treatment schemes where the raw water is passed through screen filters and directly fed to polymeric/ ceramic membrane based filtration units after adjudicating the raw water quality.

Treated and Filtered raw water from the Filtered raw water reservoir is then pumped to the following areas, as required or designed in the unit.

De-mineralized water treatment plant
Cooling Tower water make up
Service water purposes
Potable water plant
Fire water unit
Filter back wash
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