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Produced Water Treatment and Re-injection System


"Paramount's Oil and Gas Competence and Skid Mounted Systems"

The crude oil produced from oil wells is processed at Gas Gathering Stations (GGS) to separate associated gas, crude oil and water. The separated water called Produced water contains oil and suspended solids which require treatment prior to re-injection into operating or abandoned wells.

Paramount Limited designs, installs and operate the entire range of Produced Water Treatment plant with re-injection system.

Produced water contains free oil, emulsified oil, dissolved and suspended solids.

The treatment system comprises of:

Oily water treatment – API, TPI/CPI separators, DAF units / TPF
Solids separation – Clarifiers, Clariflocculators, Tube Settlers, Lamella Clarifiers, Thickeners etc
Filtration – Sand, Dual Media Filter, Multi Media Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Walnut Shell Filter, Pressure Filters, Cartridge Filters
Sludge de-watering system
High Pressure Re-injection Pumps

The oil removed from the system is pumped back to the system for further processing.

The re-injection system consists of specialized high pressure pumps and chemical conditioning system. The filtered treated water is conditioned by chemicals prior to re-injection. The conditioning chemicals dose are selected to prevent corrosion, scaling and biological growth in the Re-injection system. The chemicals are selected after conducting proper treatability studies for the best possible results, as each well has its own microbial characteristics.

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