Paramount Limited



Paramount Limited designs, installs and operate the entire range of Produced Water Treatment plant with re-injection system.

Produced water contains free oil, emulsified oil, dissolved and suspended solids.

The treatment system comprises of:

Oily water treatment – API, TPI / CPI separators, DAF units
SSolids separation – Clarifiers, Clariflocculators, Tube Settlers, Lamella Clarifiers, Thickeners etc
Filtration – Pressure Filters, Cartridge Filters
Sludge de-watering system


The oil removed from the system is pumped back to the system for further processing.

The re-injection system consists of specialized high pressure pumps and chemical conditioning system. The filtered treated water is conditioned by chemicals prior to re-injection. The conditioning chemicals dose are selected to prevent corrosion, scaling and biological growth in the Re-injection system. The chemicals are selected after conducting proper treatability studies for the best possible results.

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