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D. Process Performance Audit:

Paramount Limited also provides services on process performance audits on Water and Wastewater treatment plants to evaluate the performance of process units and unit operations.

A team of skilled engineers and technicians study the plant operation and conduct capacity test and sampling of inlet and outlet water/ effluent streams. The samples are taken for detailed analysis.

The final audit report with the worksheets is submitted to the Owner for their further actions.

Dissolved Oxygen (DO) profiling is an important first step into identifying means of improving the energy efficiency of an aeration system.

Dissolved oxygen profiling is conducted in activated sludge plants for a number of potential reasons. Common reasons are to determine aeration dead spots in aeration lanes, back flow of aerated liquor into anoxic zones and the efficiency of tapered aeration systems. Profiles are either conducted over the course of a day, or data can be logged over a period of several days.

Activated sludge plant energy efficiency surveys data log the power consumption of the aeration device over a predetermined period, typically one week. During this period, composite samples are taken of the influent to determine organic loading of the Activated Sludge Plant, and also of the final effluent to determine the level of treatment the system is achieving. Nitrification is also taken into consideration as is nitrate recovery in any anoxic zones.

From this information, the theoretical oxygen demand is calculated for the organic load treated which is then related to the power used by the aeration device to give an in process aeration efficiency measured in kgO2/kWh.

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