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Plant Commissioning & Training:

With the increasing complexity of control systems and the continual focus on production efficiency, operator familiarity and knowledge of processes and process equipment has become an essential part of plant management. Paramount’s five decade experience in construction and commissioning plants in a multitude of industries has provided a vast network of checks and balances to culminate in a smooth commissioning activity.

Delivering a smooth transition of a construction site to a commissioned site is a hall mark of Paramount services. We are adept at ensuring all systems and components of our clients’ infrastructure, plants and equipment are designed, constructed and tested, to ensure all parts will function at an optimum level once operation commences.

We use our knowledge and expertise in applying engineering techniques and processes to check, examine and test every operational component of the project, from a single function right through to a complex combination of functions

We also have experience in commissioning projects that are already in existence but are undergoing an expansion, renovation or are being entirely revamped.

Paramount also offers class room training and hands on training to the operating staff on the plant under commissioning. Training though vital, it is often impractical to train staff within a fully operational plant. Paramount certain ideal solution models in such cases for imparting training to the plant personnel.

Models that simulate plant processes allow operators to be trained for a wide variety of unusual or abnormal operating conditions, which help to strengthen their skills. The models also serve as refresher training facilities for normal plant operations.

Typical models cover plant start-up, shutdown and normal operation, as well as a broad range of adverse or trouble shooting situations that require fast response and accurate control solutions.

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