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Planning and Scheduling

Planning and scheduling of a project are of paramount importance and govern the progress of the project towards the goal.

Planning and scheduling, often begin work at the concept stage of a project and map out the steps required to take the project through all its phases, including design, procurement, construction and final turn over.

The use of project planning and scheduling techniques gives better initial planning and assessment of risks. It provides a greater chance of forecasting problem areas while there is still time to take corrective action and it allows flexibility for alternative modes of operation.

Paramount proceeds with a systematic approach by way of preparing a project definition exclusively identified for the project, which outlines the overall scope of work and services. This includes the process and design criteria, engineering and major equipment elements, and physical aspects including logistics, infrastructure etc, of the project. Other processes that may be required are also identified at this stage.

The planning team creates a schedule (macro scheduling and micro scheduling) so the entire operation can run according to a pre-approved timeline. Macro scheduling is used to monitor key milestone performances. Micro scheduling forms a wider framework for monitoring every essential requirement of the project to achieve the final completion within the time frame.

The schedule then forms part of the project documentation, enabling to see a clear, concise graphical representation of all phases and milestones of the projects.

The schedule devised is monitored and updated on a regular basis as the project requires. Variations, if any, from the initial plan are recorded and communicated to the parties involved with appropriate steps and back up plans.

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