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Bio Remediation is the only natural way of attending the problems related to the handling of oily sludge.

The Bio-Remediation process is an in-situ biological method to reduce the Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) level in the oily sludge to make it suitable for non hazardous land fill site.

The process involves biological processing of the oily sludge in a confined Bio Reactor using special bacterial inoculums and advanced fermentation methods to degrade the petroleum hydrocarbon in the sludge producing a non hazardous sludge with very low level of hydrocarbon. The TCLP analysis of the remediated sludge has to be within US EPA guideline for land fill in a non hazardous site.

The reactor conditions promote the growth of a highly active microbial population which rapidly converts the TPH into carbon dioxide and water.

Paramount Limited with their collaborator offers efficient solutions and suitable and selective inoculums for conversion of oily sludge into bio sludge. The R&D Facility in Paramount Limited conducts suitable treatability studies of oily sludge for selection of the right treatment scheme and the biological culture.

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