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Paramount undertakes design and manufacture of complete chemical treatment systems for removal of Odour from exhaust gases. While in some applications, a packed bed scrubber is used, combined with a chemical; oxidant or adsorbant, to remove the odour causing compounds, in other cases, chemical oxidation is combined with either alkaline or acidic absorption to accomplish complete odour reduction. In the most difficult situations, however, chemical oxidation is combined with both acidic and alkaline absorption to accomplish the necessary odour reduction.

Oxidizing agents normally used include ozone, potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide and sodium hypochlorite. Sodium hydroxide or soda ash (Sodium carbonate) is used as the alkaline absorber, while Sulphuric acid is normally used as the acidic scrubbing agent. In certain cases, however, hydrochloric, nitric, phosphoric or acetic acids are also used.

Carbon adsorption systems are also available. Paramount offers activated carbon based adsorpers in both compact arrangements for odour control over storage tanks, small package units, sewerage treatment plants etc and also stand alone models for large volumes of gas that requires treatment

The typical applications wherein Paramount offers Odour control systems are:

Rendering Plants Foundry Odours
Organic Chemical Production Breweries
Phenolic Emissions Wet Grain Milling and Drying
Sewage Treatment Plants Polymerizers
Sludge Dryers
Animal Feed Plants
Hydrocarbon Emissions Paint and Varnish Manufacturing
Reduced Sulphur Compounds Leather Tanning
Poultry and Egg Production    


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