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The MBBR process can be used for a Varity of different applications to attain the desired results, depending on the quality of wastewater and the discharge regulations.

Major Benefits:

    Lower footprint
    Cost Efficient
    Minimize process complexity
    Easy to shipment
    Less time is required at site for installation / erection.
    Less Civil work


As the sewage generation pattern was not regular, to equalize the flow an equalization tank / sump was designed considering peak water flow. The raw sewage shall be collected in a Equalization / Collection Sump. The sewage contains floating solids and to remove floating solids, we provide Screen chamber and also to remove oil from sewage we provide Oil & Grease Trap at the inlet of equalization / collection tank.

Two MBBR reactors were provided in series for better efficiency. The sewage, received at equalization / collection tank shall be pumped to the MBBR reactor. The sewage treatment plant is designed as attached growth aerobic process using floating polypropylene media. The Aeration tank shall operate as Moving Bed Bio Reactor (MBBR). In the MBBR tank, sufficient aeration time shall be provided to obtain good growth of the biomass. The floating media provides sufficient surface for biological growth. The oxygen required for the bio growth shall be provided by the aeration blower provided near the plant. Bubble diffusers in aeration tank shall provide optimum oxygen transfer required for biodegradation of sewage.

The treated sewage from the MBBR tank shall be taken to the tube settler / plate separator. In the tube settler, the biomass shall separate and clarified sewage shall be taken to clarified sewage tank. It reduced requirement of space as tube / plate provided large surface area for faster settling of sludge and eliminate the need for moving parts like in conventional clarifiers. The settled sludge will be taken to sludge drying bed / filter press / centrifuge. The dewatered sludge can be used for gardening as manure.

The clarified water from the plant shall be pumped to the Pressure Sand Filter and Activated Carbon Filter or Dual Media Filter to remove fine suspended solids, odour and colour. The treated sewage shall be chlorinated by Hypochlorite dosing in Treated Sewage Sump, and shall be reused for gardening and toilet flushing.


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