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Lime slaker classifier is commonly used equipment in chemical plant for producing milk of lime.

The making of milk of lime is technically called as the Slaking Process. The slaking of lime is basically the hydration reaction of lime (CaO) to Calcium Hydroxide (Ca(OH)2). The hydration of lime is an exothermic reaction and hence generates heat. A rapid hydration would result in excessive heat generation. As hydrated lime is immiscible in water, the milk of lime is usually kept suspended in the slurry by agitation. The particle size of hydrated lime in the slurry is greatly affected by heat generated during the slaking process and the shear force on the particle by agitation. Excessive heat generation and agitation cause decripitation of the slaked lime and result in difficulties in the processes involving slaked lime. Hence, the process conditions involving the production of milk of lime have to be controlled reliably within fairly tight specifications.

Paramount Limited make Lime slaker classifier takes care all the practical requirements of milk of lime plant, i.e, feeding, slaking and classifying processes to produce consistent quality milk of lime. Feed lime (CaO) is fed to the slaking compartment by a variable screw or belt arrangement. The slaker utilises a turbine type agitator. The tank is typically made of cylindrical construction if the capacity involved is large or of square construction for smaller capacities. The solid concentration in the Milk of lime slurry is normally maintained between 10 and 20%.

The slaker is connected to the classifier tank by a liquor and a froth opening. The gritty impurities in commercial lime are separated through an internal raking mechanism ensuring that the milk of lime produced is free from suspended impurities. The accepted milk of lime overflows the classifier compartment and is transferred (usually) by gravity to a storage/ causticizing tank. Grit and unburned cores pass out of the bottom of the classifier up the inclined sloping bottom of the classifier tank by the drag mechanism and discharged over the top of the ramp.

Special features and advantages of “Paramount” make Lime Slaker Classifier:

Smaller Floor area: A single unit replaces conventional multi-units, occupying smaller floor area, for a given feed rate.
Reduced Investment: The capital investment is much lesser than that of conventional separate drum slaker and rake slaker classifier units with similar capacity.
Minimum retention time in the slaker for optimal and economical sizing.
The slaker tank is closed and provided with suitable vent arrangement. This arrangement provides safe working area as it channels out the hot vapour through the vent pipe as against the regular open top slakers.
Specially designed baffles are provided to deflect the slurry stream to the classifier bottom and to avoid short circuiting of grits to lime slurry stream to storage/ causticizing tanks.
Axial flow turbines are equipped with stabilizing fins to minimize shear of lime particles due to vortex and eddies.
Variable screw feeder help in optimizing the slurry concentration.
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