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Industrial Water Distribution & Optimization


In modern plant, a good design of process water distribution networks, as well as wastewater segregation, is an important pre-requisite to prevent unnecessary investments and operation costs. Added to the investment factor, stringent norms related to Zero Liquid Discharge also necessitates the use of water most economically at generation/ consumption points. Furthermore, the underground and piping infrastructure of a plant is of vital importance and should be adequately maintained. By our broad experience, we help you, at the design stage as well in the daily operation/maintenance, to get the utmost out of your water transport and usage systems.

Modern industrial water management demands for the use of only just the right amount of water at the point of use, without unnecessary over-consumption and wastewater production. For most industry branches we have hands-on expertise how water consumption of existing or projected facilities can be optimized. By using this experience in combination with our well-recognized Water Optimization Tools, you will benefit from lower production costs and reduced water and energy consumption.

Service for Industrial Water Usage includes

Water balance study and Water optimization projects
Water Scan – Process study to minimize loads to ETP in Refineries/ Petrochemicals/ Chemicals etc, Source control of contaminants to ETP
Water Audits
Point-of-use treatment
Water recycling technologies and equipment for conservation
Process integrated measures
Segregation designs
Risks assessments
Solutions for critical issues
Our distribution services and know-how includes
Site distribution master planning
Pumping stations
Distribution and piping systems
Underground piping
Pipe inspections
Renovations and modifications
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