Paramount Limited

Gaseous Emission Control Systems


Wet scrubbers are predominantly used for removing noxious gases from air streams. Paramount designed scrubbers are very effective at absorbing gaseous pollutants. Paramount offers wet scrubbers for the treatment of air streams containing acid gas (like Hydrogen chloride vapours, Sulphur dioxide in flue gas) and odorous gases (like Hydrogen Sulphide from aeration tanks, effluent tanks containing dissolved Sulphides).

Paramount Limited offers the following counter current flow gas scrubbers for gaseous emission control:

Packed bed type wet scrubber
Sieve tray/ Vertical baffle type wet scrubber/ Disc and donut type scrubber


The typical areas of applications of the wet scrubbers offered by Paramount are:

HCl Emissions Pickling Operations
HF Emissions HCN Emissions
SO2 Emissions Chlorine Gas Emissions
H2S Emissions Bromine Emissions
Laboratory Hoods CO2 Scrubbing
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