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The quality of crude generation from the oil well is dependent on geological factors. Based on the geological strata wells also generate large volumes of natural gas along with the crude oil pumped out from the oil wells.

Gas gathering stations are installed to separate the oil and gas that are generated from such Oil wells.

Paramount Limited designs and installs Gas Gathering Stations to separate the liquid from the gases that are pumped from Oil producing wells.

The well fluid as it is pumped out of oil wells are at very high pressures, with the pressure varying due to the depth, quantum of oil production and the ratio of liquid and gas.

The pressure is reduced through a pressure reducing station prior to feeding the two phase fluid in Gas separators. It is essential that the gas separators are maintained at certain optimal pressure for proper phase separation to happen.

After separation, the liquid is subjected to further separation of dissolved gases in a Flash Drum at specifying pressures.

The separated gas from the Flash drum is flared off separately.

Depending on the actual characteristics of the two phase fluid from the oil wells, suitable chemical dosing facility is required. The chemical dosing facilities normally provided are:

Corrosion inhibitors for the pipelines that carry the fluid
Antifoam chemicals depending on the foaming tendency


Depending on the sourness of the fluid generated from the oil wells, Caustic soda scrubbing will be required to remove Hydrogen Sulphide content.

Paramount supplies the entire system as a one house design and installation unit with complete automation.

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