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Flue Gas Desulphurization Systems (FGD)


Paramount offers world famous and proven patented Sulphur dioxide scrubbing system with 95-99% + sulphur dioxide removal efficiencies. A unique feature worth mentioning is, the system works equally well on low and high inlet sulphur dioxide concentrations. Even with large variations in the inlet sulphur dioxide concentrations to the scrubbing system, the system produces an almost constant outlet sulphur dioxide concentrations. This characteristic of our scrubbing system is due to its operation in the “Concentrated absorption chemical mode”. This system differs substantially from the other sulphur-dioxide removal processes.

The acting chemical in the scrubbing system is sodium sulfite. The concentration of dissolved solids in this system is maintained at a much higher level than other conventional system enabling the system to have low recirculated liquid flow rate to the scrubbing system and more sulphur dioxide capturing capacity per unit volume of scrubbing liquid. This characterizes in the reduction of the recirculation system.

The scrubbing system uses “patented, non-plugging, low differential pressure Horizontal spray-baffle type scrubber ” “Though both horizontal and vertical versions ( Disc and Donut Scrubber) are available, we recommend the horizontal unit which provides the greatest ease of operation and maintenance. This system can be combined with Venturi Scrubber if the gas stream has significant particulate matter.

Another unique feature of our scrubbing system is it always operates in an acidic mode. When NaOH is added to the system as a makeup reagent, it converts to sodium bisulphite back to sodium sulphite, rather than existing in the scrubbing solution as free sodium hydroxide. The same is true in case soda ash is used in place of NaOH.

Another common problem in conventional scrubbers is calcium scaling in the scrubber. The scaling magnitude is predominant in an alkaline mode of operation as calcium precipitate as calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate causing severe scale formation in the scrubber. This scrubbing system operates on the acidic mode of operation and even dramatic variations in sulphur dioxide concentration cannot take back the system to the alkaline mode of operation thus calcium precipitation is practically avoided in this design of scrubbing system.

Advantages of Paramount design FGD having Horizontal spray baffle scrubber:

Proven & patented design acquired from Andersen 2000 Inc. U.S.A

Comprise of maximum number of SO2 scrubbers world wide based on this technology with over 500 installations
Horizontal configuration ensures ease of operation & maintenance due to reduced heights
Gas comes in contact with fresh scrubbing liquid at every stage (unlike other counter-current scrubber) which increase
Ability to handle high surges of SO2 concentration with less effect on outlet SO levels due to operation in concentrated 2 mode
Can be designed to achieve even 1 ppm SO2 at outlet for SO2 recovery units


Typical applications of FGD systems are:

Power Plants
Sulphuric Acid Plants
Utility Boilers Cogeneration Plants
Diesel Generators Zinc /Lead/Copper Smelters
Oil Fired Industrial Boilers Molybdenum Ore Roasters
Oil fired Incinerators Barium Sulphate Reduction Kilns
Acid Gas Incinerators Strontium Sulphate Reduction Kilns
Chemical Plants CO2 Recovery Plants
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