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The modern world is behest with additional human needs and demand better quality in all walks of life. Technology is continuously adapted to this growing need with a scarcity of natural resources to cater the ever growing population.

Earth has one-fourth of its area covered by land mass with the rest being the vast expanse of sea. It is hence imperative to tap this largely available resource to cater the needs of the expanding cities and other population centers.

Providing an adequate and reliable source of fresh water has become an important mandate, with desalination a key part of the solution.

Paramount adopts the utility of integrated pretreatment and membrane process schemes (Ultrafiltration – UF / Microfiltration – MF / Reverse Osmosis RO) in removing the high dissolved solids (dissolved salts as in general terminology) from sea water or brackish water from underground aquifers to produce process water for industrial utility or potable water for community utility purposes by applying suitable post treatment schemes including Degasser Towers.

Paramount also offers Nano filtration - NF system as pre-treatment to Sea water Reverse Osmosis system for higher permeate recovery and energy optimization.

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