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Common Effluent Treatment


Common Effluent Treatment plants (CETP) are normally set in industrial cluster zones wherein the neutralized effluent from various industries are pumped to a common collection center and for treatment prior to discharge to a water source or reuse back in the industries.

Paramount Limited has long experience in designing and building Common Effluent Treatment Plants. The effluents generated in the industrial clusters are varied in nature and largely depend on the type of industries that generate the effluent. A wide knowledge on the various treatment procedures is required to treating the effluent.

Paramount undertakes Feasibility Studies, Treatability studies for a complex combination of effluents and Adequacy & efficacy Studies in augmentation of existing CETP set up.

Most Common Effluent Treatment Plants involve a pre-treatment step, normally a chemical treatment step to remove toxins and difficult to treat components followed by traditional biological treatment to control the BOD and COD loads. The tertiary treatment is normally a filtration step with a polishing unit if the treated water is disposed of to a water source.

An RO treatment step is fast gaining acceptance for re-use of treated water back to the industries and to reduce dependence on traditional fresh water sources.

We have designed and constructed various central effluent treatment plants for treating combined wastewater from industrial estates, having different types of industries, generating different types of effluents. Several of these industrial estates comprise a minimum of hundred industrial units.

Paramount Limited weaves the right design and treatment procedure encompassing the entire network from Source segregation to primary Treatment to Secondary Biological treatment to Tertiary Treatment and polishing systems for Common Effluent Treatment Plants.

The various Treatment schemes involved are as follow.

Oily water treatment – API, TPI/ CPI separators, DAF units / TPF
Solids separation – Clarifiers, Clariflocculators, Tube Settlers, Lamella Clarifiers, TPS, Thickeners etc
Biological Treatment Systems – Trickling / filters / Biotowers , ACT, Chemostat, Activated Sludge process, SBR, MBR, MBBR, Anaerobic process
Filtration – Gravity Filters, Pressure Filters, membrane based filtration like Ultrafiltration, microfiltration and nano filtration
Reuse and ZLD process systems
Hazardous waste treatment – Incinerators and Bioremediation plants
Air pollution control systems – VOC treatment systems, odorous gas scrubbers, FGD
Specialized wastewater treatment

We offer you a one-stop-shop for every thinkable wastewater treatment requirement.

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