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Biological Treatment System


Paramount Limited having more than five decades of experience in design, supply, installation and commissioning of Water and Wastewater Treatment provides integrated systems on all types of Biological Treatment methodologies.

Wastewater treatment consists of applying known technology to improve or upgrade the quality of a wastewater.

Wastewater treatment consists of various treatment steps and each categorized by the nature of the treatment process operation being used; for example, physical, chemical or biological. A complete treatment system may consist of the application of a number of physical, chemical and biological processes to the wastewater.

Biological treatment processes involve reduction of Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) level in the wastewater. It simply involves confining naturally occurring bacteria at very much higher concentrations in tanks. These bacteria, together with some protozoa and other microbes, are collectively referred to as activated sludge. The concept of treatment is very simple. The bacteria remove small organic carbon molecules by ‘eating’ them. As a result, the bacteria grow, and the wastewater is cleansed. The treated wastewater or effluent can then be discharged to receiving waters – normally a river or the sea.

There are a variety of technologies that can perform biological wastewater treatment and are largely classified into either Aerobic or Anaerobic Treatment.

Aerobic Treatment:

Oxidation Ponds – Use of Surface Aerators
Trickling Filters (Bio Towers)
Activated Sludge Treatment Methods (Conventional ASP, SBR, MBR, MBBR, ACT, Chemostat)
Aerobic Digestion using air diffusers


Anaerobic Treatment

Anaerobic Digestion (UASB)
Septic Tanks


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